QuickBooks Sync Express

Desktop, Online, POS

Sync with QuickBooks, FreshBooks, Paypal, Square, etc.

$5.00 Month
$0.10 Per Transaction
FREE mobile processing app!

Bypass the high, fixed percent, processing fees charged by QuickBooks, Paypal, FreshBooks, Square, etc.

Designed for businesses sending invoices with payment links who want to reduce their processing fees!*

Businesses SAVE 20% on average with Advantage Card Services!

Send invoices from your current system with a payment link to the merchant account YOU choose!

Easily create your own payment link and paste it into your invoicing email template. That's it!

Customizable reporting makes it easy to import payments to your system or simply mark invoices as paid manually.

-Make donations or payments with recurring options if desired.
-Recurring billing - Let customers select from your preset plans.
-Purchase a single item
-Purchase from a shopping cart

All button are created in both HTML and Simple Links

Paste these links anywhere; websites, social media, texts, etc. and let your customers shop where and when they want, or build them right into the HTML of your website!