Flat Rate Pricing Programs

While high percent, no monthly fee programs are great for startups, once you're processing over $1500.00 per month, you should switch to a cost plus program.

Cost Plus pricing allows you to benefit from the low, wholesale cost of debit cards at only .05% + 22 cents!

Bottom Line: If you're processing over $1500.00 per month and you're using Square, Paypal, QuickBooks, Stripe, or any flat rate program, you WILL definitely benefit from a quick phone consultation.

That being said, there are places where the flat rate pricing programs work well.

First, there's the startups we mentioned that don't need more monthly fees until they get going.

The businesses that don't run cards every month or have sporadic volume under 2000.00 are great fits. These businesses don't process enough to offset the monthly fees of the Cost Plus account.

Finally, there's the coffee shops and businesses with tickets under $10.00. They benefit from the fixed percentages because there's no transaction fees.

Our Payanywhere program offers these merchants the lowest flat rate in the industry at only 2.69%!